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To help develop and strengthen innovative ability is what drives our team

van Aerssen

Methods / Creativity / Brainstorming

Benno van Aerssen is a lateral thinker, visionary, innovator, trainer and author with exceptional creativity, ideas, passion and empathy.

Contact details:
mail: bva@verrocchio-institute.com
Mobile: +49 172 200 92 65

Leadership / Change / Innovation culture

The managing director of the verrocchio Institute for Innovation Competence is considered an expert on the topics “leadership and innovation”.

contact details:
Mail: mail@verrocchio-institute.com
phone: +49 211 5508882



Moderation / innovative ability / work formats

Malvine Klecha sets as innovation Coach and product developer her focus on the increase of the innovation ability. This may be through the development of helpful innovation tools or their supported use directly in companies.

contact details:
Mail: malvine.klecha@verrocchio-institute.com
phone: +49 211 5508882

Corporate Communications / Digital Business

Jennifer Weiß is a communications professional and is responsible for all corporate communications from social media to digital business.

contact details:
mail: jennifer.weiss@verrocchio-institute.com


Daniel M.

Design Thinking / Lateral thinking / Inspiration

Daniel Maurice Ziegler is a multi-instrumentalist, innovation coach and speaker. His special focus is on design thinking, lateral thinking, stimulating images and inspiration.

Contact details:
Mail: daniel.ziegler@verrocchio-institute.com
Mobile: +49 170 2424364

“Innovatorics” / business models / methods

Dirk Wirth is convinced that successful companies can only be run by “Innovatorics”. Innovatorics is the language of “innovators”!

contact details:
Mail: dirk.wirth@verrocchio-institute.com
Mobile: +49 162 2725951



Medium-sized companies / Innovation / IT

Markus Schulte is involved as a “Company Future Finder” and supports entrepreneurs in finding their “Business Potential 2.0” or with innovation coaching in the company.

contact details:
Mail: markus.schulte@verrocchio-institute.com
Mobile: +49 170 232 545 6

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