Borgo i Vicelli

Inspiration between the hills of Chianti

What are the verrocchio rooms?

Besides our location in Düsseldorf, our “verrocchio rooms” near Florence have a very special meaning for our customers and participants. At Borgo i Vicelli, a unique country estate in the hills of Chianti, our client teams find a perfect destination for intensive thinking, radical creation and impressive changes of perspective.

A place of inspiration as it could not be better!

Since 2017 we have been operating our location in Borgo i Vicelli and experience what great learning and ideas are created here in a short time. The Borgo and Florence uniquely connect to the DNA of the verrocchio Institute.

All the people who have worked with us there still speak of the intensive and friendly working atmosphere.

The special thing about this place

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Peace and seclusion for focus and inspiration


Participants shared our enthusiasm for the location, the service and the team

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intensive common thinking. Not only the long evenings on the panorama terrace invite you to do so, but also the entire country estate


The exceptionally good food in the “Ristorante al 588” keeps body, mind and soul together


The verrocchio rooms are perfectly suited to …

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“The Master in Florence was a great event. In addition to the great city tour and the excellent accommodation, the connection of many innovation topics to the Renaissance and its artists became very tangible. This clearly shows that many of the principles you taught us have been successfully applied for hundreds of years. This again confirms the success or rather the necessity of various approaches. As the whole training group spent a lot of time together outside of the training, it was possible to network very well and to take some of the experiences of the other participants into one’s own job. And what else I find worth mentioning: I would like to thank you! Thank you for the super pleasant way of working together. No question was too much or remained unanswered. Even after the training sessions I was able to contact you several times. From the very first day I had the feeling that we had known each other for years. And that in a business context…more praise is not really possible. You live innovation through and through!”

Rolf Seidel / Innovation Management / Rheinenergie


Projects and workshops in the verrocchio rooms are also special because the operators Giulia Franco and her parents have also become family.

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