Design thinking is not everything!

The right macro method for your challenge


One thing in advance: “We love Design Thinking” – BUT not all challenges can be solved well with Design Thinking. Therefore, we talk about alternatives, additions and combinations around Design Thinking.

We show and work out together in a one-day 4 x 90 minutes online live seminar real alternatives, compare different macro methods and work out adaptations and combinations.


Design thinking is probably the most successful innovation method in the world, and rightly so – but many design thinking sprints and projects also fail because people often cling too much to design thinking.

Too often, Design Thinking is misused for lack of an alternative, it is not adapted in a target-oriented way, or it is combined with other methods in an unfortunate way.

The big problem is: Once a method has been discredited in a company or team due to misapplication, no one wants to work with it anymore in the long run – and that has far-reaching consequences.

We at the verrocchio Institute have also learned in recent years that there is often too little knowledge about the range of macro methods available in companies.

Many exciting macro methods are available:
Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Design Innovation Process, Forth Innovation, TRIZ, Lean Startup, Idealog Process, Ten Types of Innovation, Blue Ocean Strategy, Creative Process according to Wallas, 6-Thinking Hats, and, and, and….

Who for?

For innovation coaches and innovation scouts as well as for moderators and facilitators in the design thinking environment who want to increase the likelihood of success of projects.


In the Design Thinking is not everything! – course you will get answers to the following questions:

Our expertise

With more than 20 years of experience from well over 2,000 workshops, projects and sprints, Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz have also gained a lot of experience over the years with a wide variety of alternatives to Design Thinking.

This experience has also been incorporated into “The Innovator´s dictionary”, where many macro methods are listed.


Please feel free to request our free checklist “Design Thinking MethodCheck”.

The check is also used in the seminar, in addition to other tools.
Even without the seminar, it provides you with quick and reliable help in reflecting on Design Thinking in relation to the challenge you have to solve.

Is Design Thinking the right method or should you rather consider alternatives?

Download our free Design Thinking MethodCheck - to get started right away

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What's in it?

One-day 4 x 90 minutes online live seminar with Benno van Aerssen

  • We compare 5 different macro methodologies:
    Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design Innovation Process, Creative Problem Solving, TRIZ.
  • We clarify the application corridors, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the methods
  • We show how and within which framework the methods can be individually adapted.
  • We show how the probability of success changes when the methods are used online or remotely.

We work online live and with different Miro collaboration boards.

Each participant receives MethodPads of the methods for license-free use in their own workshops and projects.

Price: 390,- EUR plus VAT.

Request the online live seminar directly here.