Remote Innovation

Everything people know about collaboration is changing. In addition to new tools and new methods, what is needed above all is a new digital mindset. That’s exactly why we’ve been working on the topic of remote innovation for a long time. Because virtual workshops and digital processes are different. The right tools, a clear concept and the mindset have a decisive influence on your chances of success. Here you will find our formats to learn everything about digital collaboration of an (innovation) team.

Basic information about the formats

Remote Team Facilitator

Remote Team Facilitator Training helps teams solve all their challenges digitally. Topics covered in the training are:

Who for?

The Remote Team Facilitator Training is particularly suitable for companies that employ teams in a remote and/or international constellation.

Remote Innovation Facilitator

Remote Innovation Facilitator Training empowers innovation teams to solve their challenges 100% digitally.

Topics covered in the training are:

For whom?

The Remote Innovation Facilitator Training is particularly suitable for companies whose innovation team works remotely and/or internationally.

We ensure a balanced alternation between learning phases and joint work on concrete challenges in order to process what has been learned in the best possible way.

Each participant has their own workspace and can use it to practice and try things out in addition to the sessions.

Some days there are other appointments. No problem. We record every session. So your employees can conveniently catch up on the missed module.

The checklists and methodpads used in the training can also be downloaded at any time after the training.

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