Microsoft Innovation Workshop

How we as Microsoft partners invent new products and services

As Microsoft Partner also in the future exist

The Microsoft Innovation Workshop was developed from many discussions with Microsoft partners and their customers.

Almost all of them are looking for a proven and reliable way to create a new product, service or service together with their customer from the extensive possibilities of the Microsoft tool landscape.

At the heart of the workshop is the practical implementation of innovation methods with the goal of generating an idea that will inspire the customer.


The Microsoft Innovation Workshop answers questions like: 


This format is about new solutions that you can create from the capabilities of Azure, AI, IoT and Microsoft 365.

Using a systematic and structured innovation methodology, we identify yet undiscovered problems of your customers and formulate them as new challenges.

More information is available here in the PDF document:

Who for?

Microsoft partner with teams from the areas of sales, product development, customer service and management.

What you can expect

  • The result of the workshop is an idea for a product, a service
  • You have learned a process that enables you to find ideas
  • You will get to know a wealth of tools that will help you in your daily work
  • We practice “learning by doing”: the new knowledge becomes directly practical and applicable
  • Benefit from the experience we have gained with other Microsoft partners and reach your goals faster

Book recommendation

“The Innovator´s Dictionary” is edited by Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz and described by many as a standard work of innovation.