Innovation Performance Radar-Day

Measure the innovation capability of your team and organization

A day for clear orientation

The verrocchio Radar Day is used to analyze the current innovation and renewal capability of teams, departments, business units and entire organizations within one day in a very efficient and target-oriented way.

The Innovation Performance Radar (short: IPR) and its result visualization are compatible with all innovation initiatives and development measures that may already be running in parallel. We also include your innovation service providers in the radar tag.


The Innovation Performance Radar Day provides answers to the questions:

20 Day

for clarity about your own innovative ability

4 out of 5

Teams take first clear actions on the same day

20 %

of all teams discuss afterwards much more target-oriented and based on a healthy knowledge base

2 Posters

in size DIN A0, for further own measurements, are included

Who for?

For teams, departments, business units and organization that want to increase their innovative ability quickly and in a targeted manner.

For executives, managers, innovation coaches, innovation scouts, innovation guides and external consultants and trainers.

What you can expect


From the briefing to the next measurement, we accompany you comprehensively in taking the target-oriented measures to increase your innovative ability. 


At the end of the verrocchio Radar day, there is a great and visual clarity about the current state of innovation or renewal of the team, the department or an entire organization. On the basis of the created clarity, the essential corridors of action are also derived on this day in order to measurably increase the innovation or renewal ability.

The verrocchio Radar Day can be booked as a single detached day at the verrocchio Institute. For long-term engagements of the verrocchio Institute the verrocchio Radar-Day is always an integral part of the cooperation. We measure the development of our clients’ innovation and renewal ability at fixed points in time.

Since the verrocchio Institute always acts as a neutral authority in the measurement, the persons responsible for the innovation development measures currently running in the organization should be present at the radar days and contribute to the measurement.

Ask for an offer

We create an individual offer for your radar day. Write us and we will clarify your needs.