Our work format check

You have the appropriate method, but you still lack the working format?


You are preparing a workshop and you still lack the working format for the chosen method?

Our verrocchio work format checklist helps you to articulate and further concretise your challenge point by point.

You can also send us the completed checklist free of charge for examination and get our recommendations and assessments.

For whom?

Whether you are an executive, trainer, consultant or business coach – the Work Format Check is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with innovation methods and tools when planning workshops, meetings and seminars.

Especially also for innovation coaches, innovation scouts and innovation guides


Our method recommendation provides answers to the questions:

Our expertise

We have looked at a wide range of sources in the creation of the Florence Innovation Project and the Innovation Handbook.

We have analysed websites and blogs and read almost every innovation book currently available.

We have applied and tested this accumulated knowledge and methods in over 1,200 workshops.

Benefit from this expertise and our experience.

Book recommendation

Our handbook provides you with a comprehensive overview of 555 current innovation methods and innovation tools – compiled by 11 authors who have compiled this large overview directly from their practical work in recent years. It is a real treasure of real practical experience that will help you – whether you are a beginner or a professional – to choose methods quickly, safely and undogmatically.

Get our recommendation

Simply complete our checklist (21 questions – max. 3 minutes) and give us 24 to 48 hours to process.

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