verrocchio Consulting

We support you personally in your innovation activities – whether at the beginning, middle, or end of your innovation process, we work as an external “team member” on the implementation of your innovation projects and generate content together.
With our know-how from years of innovation experience, we move you towards efficiency while always remaining agile together.

verrocchio consultingThe verrocchio team

With our consultants Malvine Klecha, Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz you either work together virtually via videocalls and virtual whiteboards and/or one of our employees comes to your company and works with you on site. We are part of your innovation team and actively collaborate in your projects and/or your management processes.

Project consultingverrocchio project support - with Malvine

Active contribution to your content creation – concepts, ideas, frameworks, processes, visualizations, collaboration boards, presentations, and much more

Co-moderation and facilitation incl. frame action, method selection and conception of virtual, present or hybrid innovation and idea workshops

Collaborative development of pre-ideas, enriched ideas up to the prototype and testing loops

Active strengthening of internal innovation/project marketing – Conception and implementation of campaigns, media and events

Preparation of result pyramids, project journeys, BigPictures, graphic ideas as well as preparation and support of idea presentations and pitches

Management Consultingverrocchio management support - with Benno and Christian

Further development, enrichment and stress testing of your innovation strategy

Further development, enrichment and stress testing of your innovation management or CIP system

Identification, derivation and operationalization of future innovation potential fields

Development, enrichment and stress testing of digital, hybrid and sustainable business models

Support and coaching of your executives for more effective development in Leading Innovation with VUCA and BANI focus

The collaborationDifferent scenarios of collaboration

The verrocchio Innovation Journey offers comprehensive help by combining Innovation Coaching and Innovation Consulting in order to realize not only concrete project successes but also cultural change.

With the verrocchio team we can provide you with both enablers (Innovation Coaches) and contributors (Innovation Consultants). We always support you in both roles with clear language, our experience and our methodological knowledge.

In addition, further building blocks from our verrocchio tools & know-how and training campus can be added for more innovation success. Choose exactly the support you need.

Spot Consulting:
Consulting on a clearly defined, specific work package of your innovation project

Accompanying consulting: Comprehensive consulting and collaboration in all work packages of your innovation project, over a longer period of time

Impulse Coaching: AdHoc coaching of your team on a specific project situation or challenge

Coaching Formats: Choose the right one for you among our established verrocchio coaching formats