Check-up of the Innovation ability

Find the potential of your company


The innovative ability of organizations has become a separate field of research with numerous empirical studies and findings.

One subfield is the measurement of innovative ability. In contrast to a quantitatively determinable innovation success, such as a turnover generated by a new product, the innovation capability can only be determined qualitatively. The approach here is to use qualitative questions to measure individual areas of innovative ability and thus to gain an assessment.

For this purpose, we have developed a check-up that leads through five measurement areas and thus provides a comprehensive insight into your own organizational innovation capability – so that strengths and weaknesses can be identified in a targeted manner.

For whom?

  • Start-ups and medium-sized companies who have always wondered about their innovative ability
  • Managers / owners who want to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow
  • Innovation managers / innovation coaches who wonder whether they already know all the planets in the vast innovation universe
  • Management consultants in the field of innovation who want to clearly visualise to their clients where opportunities still lie
  • Voluntary organisations that want to develop their innovative capacity
  • Investors who also evaluate a company qualitatively
  • Managers in the area of product / digitalisation / innovation who start with a situation analysis before they start to optimise

Measuring Areas

This area deals with the required personality traits and leadership behaviour of the management. The management of small and medium-sized companies in particular is considered to have a special influence on their innovative ability.

How should the company align itself in order to remain fit for the future? To answer this question, a company urgently needs a trend-setting innovation strategy.

The innovation process is the central implementation tool of every innovation project. From the idea to marketing, it requires methods and an architecture.

Framework conditions within the organisation promote or inhibit the generation of innovations. It is all about the holistic orientation towards structures that promote innovation.

The potential of an organisation to produce innovations is significantly influenced by its culture. It creates the breeding ground for emerging innovations.

Our expertise

The check-up of the innovative ability is the further development of the master thesis “Development of an instrument to measure the innovative ability of SMEs” by Malvine Klecha and is based on the radar tools of the verrocchio institute.

The result of the master thesis was digitized in cooperation with Mischok GmbH and is available free of charge.

Currently the software of the check-up is in the prototype phase, but the results are not affected.

Measure now

You can find all details, further information and the possibility of free measurement on our special website: