Idea SedCard

How the own idea finally convinces


With the Idea SedCard you will succeed in getting your ideas heard by your colleagues or your superior.

The functionality is both simple and ingenious: Use the IdeenSedCard to make other people participate in your creation process. A “Not Invendet Here” syndrome will not even arise in the first place. In this way, this tool also contributes to the development of a culture of innovation.

20 %

more probability that your idea will be realized

9 out of 10

addressed decision makers work on your idea.

9 Minutes

Collaboration on your idea increases the probability of implementation

5 Displays

that show you how your idea is understood by others

Who for?

The Idea SedCard was created while working with the innovation method “Design Thinking”. Here, the Idea SedCard is used in the phase of idea enrichment and early prototyping or testing.

The Idea SedCard helps idea providers and teams working in corporate cultures where decisions on ideas are always made too early – or where idea enrichment generally does not work. Experience shows that too many good preliminary ideas fall by the wayside.

Besides the application in innovation projects, each employee can also use the Idea SedCard individually to increase the probability that his ideas will be heard by his superior and his colleagues.


Our Idea SedCard provides answers to the questions:


The Idea SedCard is a tool for idea enrichment, idea characterization, idea testing and idea evaluation and was developed by Benno van Aerssen during the last 5 years.

Probably the greatest benefit of the Idea SedCard is that it integrates colleagues into the creation process of their own idea, thus providing the intrinsic view of the idea that is so necessary. In this way, this tool also contributes to the development of a culture of innovation. People who are part of the creation process of an idea suffer much less or not at all from the “Not Invented Here” syndrome.

In general, the Idea SedCard wants to test and query how other people perceive the ideas – it does not demand a yes/no decision from the reader. With this early test it is important to uncover e.g. misunderstandings, which the idea still carries in itself.

What's inside?

This product contains the Idea SedCard including a micro-training with detailed instructions.

  • Idea SedCard as PDF and Word document: 2 PDF documents and Word documents for customization

  • Micro-training with 5 learning videos:
    – What is the Idea SedCard
    – Customize the Idea SedCard
    – Filling out the Idea SedCard
    – Use cases of the Idea SedCard
    – Download the Idea SedCard

  • Including Live-Time-Licence for the use of this product, as well as its micro-training and all later updates.

    You want your ideas to finally be heard? We show you how!


For the price of 30,00 EUR plus VAT you have immediate access to the Micro-Training in the verrocchio Campus including all downloads.