Innovation Project Radar

Measure the likelihood of success of your innovation projects


With the “Innovation Project Radar” you can measure the likelyhood of success and maturity of innovation projects and identify the fields of action that increase success.

  • Do you want to quickly make a professional success prognosis for your project?
  • Do you want to quickly identify the success enhancing fields of action for your project?
  • You need to make a quick decision between 2 or 3 project candidates?
  • You want to quickly measure the further development of the project during implementation?
  • You want to quickly identify the performance differences between your projects?
  • You want to quickly sensitize your team for the actions relevant to success?

The “Innovation Project Radar” of the verrocchio Institute helps you with all these challenging tasks.

20 %

more likelihood of success for your innovation projects

22 KPIs

to present the maturity level of your project quickly, precisely and comparably

20 %

visual for more clarity, motivation and speed

7 out of 10

Projects become more successful and efficient with radar 

Who for?

Project owners, sponsors, project managers and executives benefit the most from our Innovation Project Radar.

The project teams also benefit because they receive clear recommendations for action to bring the project forward in a goal-oriented manner.

The radar works equally well for SMEs, mid-sized companies and corporations.


Our Innovation Project Radar provides answers to these questions:

Our measurement recommendation

You can measure a project with the radar and easily visualize several measurements over time in the radar with different colors.

You can also use the radar to quickly compare different projects.

Ideally, you should measure a project before it is started for a forecast, while it is being carried out for development control, and also after it is finished in order to learn from it for the next project.


Like most exciting tools from the verrocchio Institute, this radar is a large (DIN A0 poster) visual tool that allows your team to learn and recognize quickly.

The radar interrogates 22 parameters in 6 success-critical factors:

  • The strategic fit of your project
  • The attractiveness of your project for different stakeholders
  • The execution security of your project
  • The viability of your project
  • The adaptability of your project
  • The actual business opportunity that lies in your project

Our Offers

You would like to use the Innovation Project Radar for your innovation projects? We make it possible for you. Order here for the price of 49,- EUR plus VAT + shipping directly the poster for the measurement.

Additionally we offer a 1-day radar workshop for up to 10 people in your company (or online).

For more information about the Project Radar workshop please visit: verrocchio Innovation Project Radar Day – Or ask us directly!