Problem Tackler

How unattractive problems become highly attractive challenges


The Problem Tackler is a tool to turn nasty problems into attractive challenges. This is always important when employees are asked to develop ideas for problems to which they have no sense.

The Problem Tackler helps in a structured way to solve emotional blockages to unattractive problems.

There are different working formats for the application: Single application, team application asynchronous and team application synchronous. The Problem Tackler works on the original MethodPad or on a flipchart or pinboard.

20 %

faster to the same understanding of the problem with less exhausting discussions

4 Steps

to more clarity and less blockages

20 %

Time saving compared to normal problem analysis

1 to 50

whether single application or 50 participants – the Problem Tackler works perfectly

Who for?

The Problem Tackler is a self-coaching tool for individuals or teams.

Project managers, executives, trainers and innovation coaches benefit especially from the Problem Tackler.


Our Problem Tackler provides answers to these questions:

Unsere Expertise

Benno van Aerssen has been working for several years on the question why, for example, small start-up teams usually solve their problems much more imaginatively than many a team in a large company.

If one examines teams and their problem-solving ability, one naturally finds topics such as passion, commitment, motivation, agility and inventiveness. But there is also the other side – the side of the problem.

So you can also ask yourself the question: “What are the characteristics of problems that have been solved creatively, quickly and successfully? If you bring both sides together, then it is a matter of the simple relationship between the problem and its problem solver.

If there is a good relationship between the problem and the problem solver, a creative solution is much better than if the relationship is bad, says Benno van Aerssen. In other words, from the point of view of the problem solver there are ugly, unattractive problems and beautiful, attractive problems.


The Problem Tackler now starts at the point where it is necessary to turn an ugly problem into an attractive one.

The tool helps to find the hidden meaning of the problem. It is not important when and how the aversion to the given problem arose.

The dislike can arise from the fact that …

  • … the person has already worked on the problem several times and has not yet been able to solve it
  • … the problem is known by colleagues and described as completely unattractive
  • … the problem is closely related to other negative experiences
  • … the person simply does not like or smell the person causing the problem – or or or

What's inside?

This product contains the Problem Tackler including a micro-training with detailed instructions.

Problem Tackler as DIN A3 PDF file for download. The worksheet is available in German and English.

Micro-Training with 4 self-study videos:
– Using the Problem Tackler
– Disadvantages of unattractive problems
– Causes of unattractive problems
– Emotional decoupling from unattractive problems

Including Live-Time-Licence for the use of this product, as well as its micro-training and all later updates. You want to turn an unattractive problem into an attractive challenge? We show you how!


For the price of 30,00 EUR plus VAT you have immediate access to the Micro-Training in the verrocchio Campus including all downloads.