Road Runner Framework

Agile, iterative Roadmapping

“Always quicker than your market coyotes!”


Agile roadmapping is the need of the hour. The Road Runner Framework is the first truly permanent agile tool for roadmapping.

Create …

  • Project Roadmaps
  • Innovation Topic Roadmaps
  • Ideas Roadmaps
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Development Roadmaps
  • Product roadmaps
  • Prototype roadmaps

The Road Runner Framework has been developed by Benno van Aerssen and the verrocchio team with experience from over 2000 innovation projects.

The verrocchio Institute’s Road Runner Framework helps you to quickly build effective and target-oriented roadmaps and to adjust them agile and dynamic.

  • The framework increases your innovation speed.
  • The framework helps you to increase your project performance in an agile and circular way.
  • The framework motivates your employees to consistently enrich their projects.
  • The framework accelerates management decisions through high clarity and traceability.

The Road Runner Framework is a complete toolbox including a basic process to control and sustainably use any roadmap.

20 %

all employees are motivated to submit portfolio topics

4 out of 5

Projects are more successful due to a better market environment fit

20 %

visual for more clarity and goal orientation


Templates that will bring you quickly into the application

For whom?

For project managers, innovation coaches, executives and anyone who wants to contribute ideas to a roadmap.

Usable for all teams in product development, strategy development, research and innovation – the scalability is remarkable.

Start with the Roadrunner Framework from a strategic approach or from an urgent ad hoc situation where you need clarity quickly.


Our Road Runner Framework provides answers to these questions:


The Roadrunner Framework provides two powerful tools, the Challenge Run and the Strategy Circle including all necessary templates, which you can quickly adapt to your needs. The associated basic process gives you the possibility to manage your roadmaps in an agile way.


The Challenge Run helps you to build roadmaps or portfolios that are …

  • … reliably reflect the market and trend environment
  • … have no blind spots
  • … have a target-oriented ranking
  • … do not contain any unrecognized risks
  • … are clear in their structure and derivations
  • … synchronize your management teams
  • … align your teams with your strategy
  • … deeply accept your employees through many meaningful conclusions

The Strategy Circle offers you a circular process that …

  • … your strategy operationalized in a targeted manner
  • … a new circular we-mindset established
  • … delivers a reliable continuity
  • … synchronize your teams efficiently
  • … has visual strength

In addition, employees learn how to independently enrich their ideas so that they can get an effective and recognized place in the roadmap.


The Road Runner basic process has work packages that interlock in an agile, iterative way

  • Setup and start with your current roadmap
  • Integration of new Roadmap Cards
  • Implementation of the Global Trend Radar
  • Matching of Global Trends
  • Matching of industry trends
  • Matching of your strategic axes
  • Matching of unsatisfied customer demands
  • Matching of your future scenarios
  • Derivation of your technology roadmap
  • Reflection aids for all findings



The extensive template set can be used directly or the verrocchio Institute can accompany you completely in your roadmap process.

  • Strategy Circle Template
  • Project Roadmap Cards
  • Technology Roadmap Card
  • Global Trend Cards
  • Industry Trend Cards
  • Unfulfilled Customer Demand Cards
  • Future Scenario Cards
  • Strategic Axis Cards

What's in it?

The Road Runner Framework provides all necessary components and templates for …

  • … the modeling of your Strategy Circle
  • … the identification and definition of your environment boosters
  • … the preparation of the Road Runner Cards
  • … the execution of the Road Runner Sprints

Our offers

90 min Remote-Live – Road Runner Quick-Start

Start your own roadmapping work with a quick start. In the 90 minutes remote live session with Benno van Aerssen you will get the necessary input to quickly start working on your own.

6 x 90 min Remote-Live – Road Runner Training

In this 6 x 90 minutes remote live training with Benno van Aerssen you will be provided with all necessary tools and knowledge modules to start safely and purposefully with the Road Runner Framework.

1 day of internal presence – Road Runner practice day

Your project team and Benno van Aerssen start the roadmapping with the Road Runner Framework in a joint day at your company.