Mentoring Leadership "4 Growth"

One year with Benno van Aerssen for more visionary clarity and power

The format

With “4 Growth”, Benno van Aerssen offers a one-year, individual mentoring leadership for C-level executives and entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to further develop their creativity and innovative capacity towards visionary excellence.

In a goal-oriented personal coaching, his protégés further develop their visionary power development for more effective leadership in VUCA times and more intensive self-realisation.

“The individual coaching follows my mission exactly and costs my protégés far more than the amount on the fee invoice. In return my protégé receives more than just my 100% expertise and attention – he becomes a part of my life and my dreams for a certain period of time”. – Benno van Aerssen

Like the 5 levels in his mentoring programme, there are also 5 things that every protégé must bring to the mentoring relationship. Every protégé must be prepared to …

  • always bring his or her full energy along
  • always take its own commitment in this respect seriously
  • talk about your own fears, wishes and visions
  • to invest the necessary amount of time
  • to be helped

His mission
and expertise

Over the years, Benno van Aerssen has become not only an inspiring companion for many people, but also a reliable coach and mentor in all aspects of creativity, idea generation, inventiveness and innovation.

His artistic background, his professional career and his experience from well over 1,500 innovation projects form the expertise foundation of mentoring and meeting at eye level.

His mission encapsulates his talent and describes the sense of purpose that surrounds his work, which is always intended to contribute to what is to be improved.

“I develop the creative intelligence of people ready for change for a life full of unlimited imagination, inventiveness and passion”.

Benno van Aerssen

Questions that concern you

20 %

of C-Level managers do not have a sparring partner at eye level

4 out of 5

Coachees increase their visionary power development already within one year

20 %

Trust and discretion are the basis for more self-realization

5 Steps

lead purposefully and logically to your goal

Who for?

For C-Level executives and companies that want more visionary clarity and power development.


Visionary clarity … “It’s a breeze” … certainly not we think. It’s not child’s play, but it is easy for children.

When we are in our own inner childlike clarity, the necessary ease of being an inspiring leader who opens the doors of possibility and people willingly and easily follow unfolds.

What you can expect

  • 100% attention and immediate access to Benno van Aerssen
  • Conversations at any conceivable time of day or night
  • A coach who never runs away
  • A lateral thinking spirit that also contributes its wealth of ideas
  • Many questions that bring clarity

If this offer appeals to you, or visionary power development has already become urgent, then let us simply talk.