Inspiration on the job

… for a creative work-innovation balance

The book

Benno van Aerssen, Christiane Peters and Claudia Burkhardt want to tickle the reader, shake him awake and open up the world of inspiration for more fun in thinking, more ideas, more imagination and more success at work.

Many people are under great pressure to succeed, fear of change and, as a consequence, an unimaginative work-thinking balance – this is exactly where “Inspiration on the job” is intended to help – directly, immediately, intravenously and with a lot of fun.

The advantages

For whom?

164 pages full of inspirational impulses for everyone!

“Inspiration on the job” provides answers to questions like: 


“In a world where radical innovation has become the new normality, we need new inspiration for new successful fantasies, dreams and visions.”
Benno van Aerssen


Benno van Aerssen developed the impulses and the concept for “Inspiration on the job”. Claudia Burkhardt and Christiane Peters transformed everything into the beautiful, unique and inspiring layout. Order directly here.