The handbook digital transformation [german book]

Our Handbook for Digital Transformation provides you with a comprehensive overview of 222 current transformation methods and tools – compiled by 14 authors who have compiled this large overview directly from their practical work. The book also includes a Transformation Canvas and Mindset Cards for your own transformation work. In addition, each author has written an individual highlight that reflects their own view and experiences and/or recommendations. The book is currently only available in German.

Areas of application of the book

Who for?

Teams, companies or people who want to deal with the topic of digital transformation, who want to deepen their previous knowledge of methods or who are looking for inspiration for new methods.

Helpful for the following tasks

More information about the book

Visit our (german) website to learn more about the authors,
about the highlights, our Transformation Canvas, and the Mindset Cards:

More know-how and inspiration

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