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The Florence Innovation Project called FLIP for short, is our free online method collection to our book "The Innovator´s Dictionary" and includes 562 methods and tools in 6 languages. FLIP helps to quickly and specifically find the right methods for your next (innovation) workshop. 

Our handbook provides a comprehensive overview of 555 current innovation methods and innovation tools. It is a real treasure of genuine practical experience that helps - whether beginner or professional - to select methods quickly, confidently and undogmatically.

The "Innovator's Dictionary" is the English translation of our "Das große Handbuch Innovation", making it perfect for international teams and workshops.

Innovationdigging describes a method, developed by Benno van Aerssen and Tamer Kemeröz, for finding innovations and is similar to a professional archaeological excavation: a systematic search on defined areas, which are worked on - later also extended and tested - by a team.

Our book of the same name not only contains step-by-step instructions on how to apply the method, but also illustrates the topic with appropriate illustrations by Susanne Ferrari.

This small book "Innovation Culture" from the 30-minute series of the GABAL publishing house provides an exciting new perspective on the topic of innovation culture. 

Together with Rainer Krumm, Christian Buchholz has assigned the levels of the Graves Value System in relation to the characteristics of innovation culture.   

Great pressure to succeed, fear of change and, in the aftermath, an unimaginative work-think balance are spreading among many people - this is exactly where "Inspiration on the job" is supposed to help - directly, immediately, intravenously and with a lot of fun.

The 164 pages are supposed to tickle the reader, shake him awake and open up the world of inspirations for him for more thinking fun, more ideas, more imagination and more success on the job.

Our verrocchio library features reviews and recommendations of (innovation) books we've read ourselves over the years.