Our principles

At the verrocchio Institute, we are committed to not working with classic one-dimensional teaching approaches, but to always impart our knowledge from experienced innovation practice. These are born out of deep conviction and reflect both the characteristics of the great innovators of our history and the demands of today. The following principles are the foundation for our work. Because efficient and sustainable cooperation is only possible if all employees and partners commit themselves to clear common principles.

The 9 principles of the verrocchio institute

Being truthful – being scientific

In keeping with Verrocchio’s spirit, truthfulness is always an important goal in the work of the Institute. No new knowledge, no method or trend should be overlooked or dogmatically exaggerated above others. To truthfulness also belongs the permanent readiness to question what is true.

Living clarity – striving for simplicity

We believe that a great clarity about things can only be achieved if people can make individual conclusions. Therefore we always want to keep an eye on the factual problem and not get lost in language problems – avoid ambiguous words and meaningless statements – strive for brevity and simplicity – always find concrete examples – always strive for comprehensibility towards others.

Being open – being tolerant

It goes without saying that maximum openness and tolerance towards new things is a principle of our work.

Being curious – observing in detail – perceiving sensitively

Curiosity is the desire, which appears as a stimulus, to experience new things and especially to get to know hidden things. We want to live this curiosity and encourage and develop it in other people.

Be inspiring – be imaginative

We are convinced that we can only develop imaginative people if we provide inspiration and actively live inspiration.

Sharing knowledge – Acting as a network –
Contribute actively

Sharing our accumulated knowledge (20 years of innovation experience in 25 countries in 2,000 workshops), networking and always making an active contribution is a maxim for us and all those who work with us.

Questioning – Being reflective

For maximum insight we always want to be aware of our perception filters and always ask ourselves why things are the way they are and if they could be completely different.

Striving for excellence

Only if we strive for excellence in what we do can we help others to become excellent in their ideas.

have fun

For us, the simultaneity of maximum performance and maximum fun is not a contradiction but a necessity from which passion ultimately arises.