Innovation Scout Training

5 days comprehensive training – innovation knowledge and practical competence combined  

Main topics

Permanent analysis and optimization of the innovation work framework.
The conception of Creative Workspaces and Project War Rooms as well as the conception of Signature Projects are among the main areas of responsibility of an Innovation Scout. And not only since Design Thinking.

Observation and reflection of the current market environment.
The examination and illumination of the current innovation challenges and the identification of short and medium-term innovation fields form a further essential task corridor.

Creation of synergies between all innovation initiatives.
With clear visualizations, the Innovation Scout helps to make the topic portfolios, challenges and strategic axes identified by the management level permanently clear and manageable for the teams.

He shows the teams options for action and action and is also responsible for efficient, open and transparent stakeholder management.

For whom?

Become an Innovation Scout – and make your company strong in competition.

The Innovation Scout training is aimed at employees in innovation management or external consultants and of course innovation coaches.

An Innovation Scout designs and optimizes the working framework of innovation teams and innovation projects, for more effective innovation success.

Depending on the size of the company, the roles Innovation Coach, Innovation Scout and Innovation Guide can be performed by one or more persons. Typically, these roles are located in innovation management or as staff positions of the management level.

We train you to become an Innovation Scout. For your company. For yourself. For others.

20 %

of the participants have had meaningful discussions with their decision makers

3 out of 5

Participants have also opted for the Innovation Guide training immediately after the Innovation Scout

20 %

of the content is based on experience from more than 400 companies and 12 years of international innovation consulting

4 out of 5

the participants have made a further career boost after the training 


During the Innovation Scout training you will receive answers to the following questions: 

Our expertise

In the training as an Innovation Scout you will benefit directly from the practical experience of both founders Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, who have accompanied more than 1,000 innovation projects in 24 countries in the last 15 years. 


The only requirement for participation in the Innovation Scout training is a basic knowledge of innovation work. As a participant, you should already have taken part in at least one innovation project.

Comments of our customers

We are very pleased about the positive voices of our customers who have already taken part in one of our trainings

Super Training! contents presented very understandable and with interesting examples. There were many aha-effects for me. I got to know many innovation tools and I am curious how well they can be used in my everyday life!

Christian Lohne

CLAAS Landmaschinen

The trainers Benno and Christian have a very broad methodological knowledge and above all, as a participant you profit from the practical use cases and the pitfalls that come with them. Great!

Dan Hasse

Deutsche Bundesbank

I am totally thrilled! Just the right mix of (background) information, exciting "anecdotes" and practical examples that you need to implement successful innovation in your own company. I've taken so many suggestions and ideas with me that I'm really eager to try out and apply them asap.

Thomas Diehl

Leifheit AG





3 modules with a total of 5 workshop days

The modules can be booked separately

We offer face-to-face events as well as online live workshops.

The verrocchio “buddy mode” is valid during the entire training period. Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz will answer all individual questions, also outside the modules.


Measuring innovative ability
  • Measuring innovative ability
  • Measuring project maturity
  • Conception of signature projects
  • Measurement of likelihood of success


Increase speed of innovation
  • Development of a comprehensive stakeholder management
  • Process innovation - or when empathy maps are no longer sufficient
  • Identification of short- and medium-term fields of innovation
  • Perceive and evaluate innovation topics correctly
  • Discover innovation potentials in the neighborhood
  • Use of co-creation as an innovation potential field
  • Higher speed for business model generation


Create inspiring work environments
  • Benefits and application areas of Creative Spaces
  • Set up workshop rooms
  • Interim workshop rooms
  • Project Rooms and War Rooms
  • Creative Workspaces

What's inside?

The price for the entire Innovation Guide certification with all 3 modules is 3.500,- EUR + 19% VAT*.

All modules can be booked separately. The certificate “Innovation Scout” is issued after completion of all modules.

*Graduates of the Innovation Coach training receive an alumni discount.
**Invoicing takes place in advance on a module by module basis.

You will find all details, further information and the possibility to book on our special website: