Formatinkubator Workshop

Find the appropriate training format – with 100% guarantee

The format

With the verrocchio format incubator you will find, together with our experts, the way to your training format or to your training selection via practical “doing”.

You have to design a new training format in the field of creativity and innovation and don’t know which is the best approach?

You need to select creative techniques for your team and are very unsure whether the techniques will have the desired effect?

Do culture, setting, methods and the challenge at hand fit together?

If you are currently dealing with such or similar questions, the verrocchio format incubator is the right tool for you.

Who for?

The format incubator is particularly appealing to internal and external trainers and consultants, as well as project owners and moderators.

Innovation Coaches, Innovation Scouts and Innovation Guides are also addressed.

Or simply people who are facing their first workshop challenge.

20 %

After the format incubator, the moderators enter the workshops more confidently

In 7 out of 10

cases, the format incubator uncovers unknown obstructive effects

20 degree

Feedback is the key to workshop success

8 out of 10

Workshops really achieve your desired results and goals


Our format incubator workshop provides answers to these questions:


Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz bring in their expertise from several thousand workshops before, during and after your workshop.

They will also be happy to moderate your next workshop in “buddy mode” together with you, at eye level. This strengthens your role as a confident, experienced moderator in your company.

What you can expect

An entertaining, very agile and interactive format including ….

  • … detailed briefings and individual appointments
  • … Preparation of the workshop with over 500 possible methods
  • … Day 1 – Workshop “Testing all methods and tools
  • … Day 2 – Workshop “Conception of your workshop format

The format incubator is used both for the selection of macro methods (Design Thinking, Lean StartUp, Innovation Expedition, Creative Problemsolving, etc.) and for the selection of micro methods.

We also focus on formats in all areas of creative and innovation activities, such as problem analysis, synthesis of key questions, idea generation, idea evaluation, prototyping, testing, right through to idea presentation, innovation culture and innovation strategy.

Throughout the entire period, you can access and be inspired by our method database, with over 600 methods, at



Detailed briefing
live by phone or online


Preparation of the workshop by us


You invite your test participant group to the one-day format incubator


The test participants test the methods in groups and under our guidance on the format incubator day


Each method session is followed by an immediate debriefing with the participants and a first evaluation of the method.


In addition to the feedback from the participants, we also make our observations and notes on the method sessions.


On day 2 of the format incubator, we jointly design your workshop format, based on the findings from day 1.

Note: Both the format incubator itself and the workshop to be designed can be analogue, online or hybrid.

Here you can ask for a first conversation or an offer from us