Gamification Training

Learn to motivate and excite people

The format

The term “gamification” is mainly about motivating people to take action. This is done by using techniques used in the gaming industry to motivate people to participate and stay involved. At the verrocchio Institute we have been using gamification elements for a long time to make content tangible, to get people excited about a topic and to motivate them to participate over a longer period of time. Gamification is essentially based on 10 mechanisms, which we will share with the participants in the offered workshop. 


In this intensive one-day workshop the participants will learn the basic principles of gamification. The psychological background is described, there are many practical examples to see and the participants develop first approaches for their own gamification elements in their workshops or meetings.

For whom?

The Gamification-Workshop is a day for everyone who wants to make group events such as workshops, seminars and meetings more motivating and successful. 

The event is particularly interesting for managers, HR managers, trainers and innovation coaches, but also for all other employees who frequently work with groups, especially when it comes to the topics of change and innovation. Many practical examples, tools and comprehensive documentation form the basis for an intensive day full of exciting learning experiences.


Our Gamicifation training provides answers to all of these questions:

The topics at a glance


What is gamification?


Basic principles of gamification


Gamification tools for change and transformation


Gamification tools for innovation processes


Best Practice

What you can expect


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