Management helicopter

A professional overview of innovation topics for management

The format

This interactive intensive seminar gives your management and top executives, as in a helicopter tour, a professional overview of the relevant topics of innovation work.

Without delving too deeply into the individual topics, the helicopter offers all the exciting knowledge nuggets on idea generation and innovation, as well as interactive practice with aha effects and new conclusions of meaning – there is a management innovation impulse.

Based on the Management Helicopter, management can discuss relevant topics, tools, success principles and implementation in a more professional and goal-oriented way.

A Management Innovation Impulse to start innovation work.

Who for?

Innovation Management Impulse

For C-Level, management and top executives who

  • want to create a quick and “state of the art” overview and management innovation impulse on topics ranging from idea generation, creativity, innovation management to innovation culture.

  • want to introduce a common vocabulary and clarity in order to discuss the challenge “innovation” in an efficient and target-oriented way and to derive the right actions.

  • want to gain a know-how edge for a convincing and credible management mandate.

This is what we bring


We accompany you comprehensively for a day through the innovation theme world and design an interactive and exciting helicopter flight for all participants.

Our expertise

You benefit directly from the practical experience of the two founders Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, who have accompanied more than 2,000 innovation projects in 25 countries over the past 20 years.

During this time, both have also published “The Innovator´s Dictionary“, which is considered by many to be the standard work on innovation.


Our management helicopter provides answers to the questions:

Topic preview

Potentials and risks of incremental and disruptive innovations

Ideas beyond mediocrity – How is successful innovation created?

Agile roadmapping, strategic coupling, project and technology portfolios with force deployment.

Potentials and risks of incremental and disruptive innovations

Importance of mindset and attitude – from problem solver to problem finder

Innovation Leadership

Only the right questions lead to the right ideas

Measure innovation ability

Oversummative team creativity – overcoming creativity barriers

Measure project maturity and likelihood of success

Creativity techniques and what they really do

Conditions and values of a living culture of innovation

Find targeted hidden innovation search fields

Holistic, living innovation management

Friction losses of wrong idea evaluation

Business model generation and markets without competition

Business model generation and markets without competition

This is how the topic mirror for a one-day management helicopter might look. Individual adaptations and adjustments are of course possible.


Feel free to contact us for all details, further information as well as the possibility to book.

All our formats are offered as face-to-face events as well as digitally.