Signature Project Facilitation

How to successfully implement “Signature Innovation Projects

It is about GOING ALL IN

A Signature Product/Service (also known as a Flagship Product) is a product/service that stands most strongly for your company or brand and is perceived by customers as a top product of your company.

You could say that Albert Einstein’s “Signature Idea” is the “theory of relativity”, or Queen’s “Signature Song” is “We will rock you”.

The execution of Signature-Innovation-Projects takes place at least under the following basic conditions:

  • A failure would damage the company’s image
  • There is no 2nd attempt
  • It always has a direct mandate on the Board of Management
  • Board members are always involved in operational innovation
  • The result is always very radical to disruptive and completely redefines at least parts of the market
  • The success is always clearly visible in the balance sheet of the company
20 %

Error tolerance and 100% professionalism are required

9 out of 10

Signature projects never go into implementation

20 %

Commitment – we do not run away when it counts


Senior consultants who are always at eye level

Who for?

Companies that want to set up future-oriented services with a new radical product that defines the rules of their own industry.

Roles such as top executives, business unit leaders, head of innovation, head of R&D, head of product development or innovation guides are essentially addressed here

Basic parameter

Our expertise

The team of the verrocchio Institute has accompanied many signature projects over the years and has developed the LOS framework (likelihood of success framework), with which the likelihood of success of your project is extremely optimized.

What you can expect

We accompany you in your signature project, provide you with the necessary knowledge about the conditions for success of signature projects and are available for all questions.

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