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The verrocchio booksOur own books for more innovation knowledge

The handbook innovation -
german edition

555 innovation methods to browse 🙂

The Innovator´s Dictionary

The English version of our “The handbook innovation”


The handbook digital transformation - german edition

222 methods for digital transformation

Innovationdigging - the book

The manual for a deep look into the method


Inspiration on the job

A book for a creative work-innovation balance

verrocchio knowledge collectionsOur innovation knowledge for browsing

Florence Innovation Project

The most comprehensive collection of methods – practical, helpful, digital


verrocchio library

Neue Innovationsbücher und Klassiker aus der verrocchio Perspektive betrachtet – For free

verrocchio Notes

Hand-picked innovation know-how – directly into your mailbox – For free

Method recommendation

The best methods for your next workshop – personally recommended by us – For free

verrocchio networkOur knowledge networked - directly for your company

verrocchio speaker

Book Benno van Aerssen or Christian Buchholz as speaker at your event

verrocchio research

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