Innovation Digging

The manual on the method by Benno van Aerssen and Tamer Kemeröz


Innovation Digging describes a method for finding innovation and is similar to a professional archaeological excavation: a systematic search on defined areas, which are worked on – and later extended and tested – by a team.

Our book of the same name not only contains step-by-step instructions for the application of the method, but also illustrates the topic with appropriate illustrations by Susanne Ferrari.

Learn how to use Innovation Digging and find hidden search fields.

For whom?

This method is suitable for companies and teams of any size, as Innovation Digging can be scaled and adapted in a very simple way.

Innovation coaches, design thinkers and team facilitators can use the tool at different points of team collaboration.

What's in it?

118 pages full of knowledge about the Innovation Digging method.

Among others you will find the following chapters in the book:

  • The Starting Situation
  • Strengths of Innovation Digging
  • The 7-Point Force-Bundling System
  • Innovation Digging Part 1: Search Field Analysis
  • Innovation Digging Part 2: Prospection
  • Innovation Digging Part 3: Ideation
  • Special Variations and Creativity Catalysts
  • Final Thoughts on Innovation Digging

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