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Benno van Aerssen

The innovative artist Benno van Aerssen, the 7th German generation of an old Ticino church painter family, has art and a wealth of ideas practically in his blood. For more than 10 years he has been working as a creative expert with international companies worldwide, helping them to increase their innovative ability. Benno van Aerssen also shows in his interactive lectures how people can free themselves from the constraints and apparent certainties of the world to create something new.

“I develop the creative intelligence of change-ready people and companies for a life full of limitless imagination, inventiveness and passion”.

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Christian Buchholz is an absolute expert for innovation. For more than 15 years, he has also been passing on his knowledge and inspiration on the subject of “thinking differently” in lectures. He has accompanied a large number of companies in different industries and countries worldwide in change processes and supported them in creating a sustainable innovation culture.

“As your expert for innovation and change processes, I make your audience think. Thinking about thinking differently. I show how people can free themselves from the constraints of fixed thought structures and change the world.”

More about Christian Buchholz:

Christian Buchholz

+ 20 years

Experiences and anecdotes from the fields of innovation, transformation, inspiration and change


Events for which we have given lectures in recent years: Global Speakers Summit, ISPIM Innovation Conference, BROADLIGHT Conference

20 %

Benno and Christian. Whether on stage in front of 1,000 spectators, in a small workshop circle or in personal conversation.


Experience as an authors for books such as “The Innovator’s Dictionary”, “The Great Handbook of Innovation” and “Inspiration on the job”

Our most popular topics

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  • Trends at a glance

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  • 360 degrees of innovation

    … how creative thinking changes the corporate culture and creates new values.

  • Think Different
    … how ideas are born that change our world.


  • Think Smart
    … Change in times of artificial intelligence (AI) and new work.


  • Think New
    … Time for sustainable innovations.


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