Our collection of innovation tools

Reduce the time spent searching for solutions.
Our practical innovation tools get deadlocked projects moving.

Tools for idea generation and evaluationHow to find and evaluate ideas quickly, inspired and systematically

Inspiration Cards Digital

175 inspiration cards for spontaneous digital ideation – including categories such as digital transformation, business model development, disruptive thinking and many more


Food Inspiration Cards

175 inspiration cards for food brainstorming and idea tuning – developed by our Fellow and Foodexpert Hila Attaie

Stimulus Pictures Sets

Filling up on new impulses and inspiration reliably – with original recordings by Benno van Aerssen and our Fellow Daniel M. Ziegler

Ideen SedCard

How the own idea quickly convinces colleagues and bosses – also available with a small online training on the correct application of the method

Innovation Digging

Bundle creative forces, find innovation search fields reliably and quickly – similar to a professional archaeological excavation

Manual Thinking

The tool for creative teamwork and living mind maps – developed by the innovative designers Luki Huber and Gerrit Jan Veldman from Barcelona

Strategy toolsHow to find and sharpen the right innovation strategy

Minesweeper Framework

Find and prioritise relevant fields of innovation with the help of disruptive scenarios

Innovation Management Canvas

Setting up a systematic innovation management – for joint efficient and organised innovation work

Road Runner Framework

Build effective and goal-oriented roadmaps and adjust them in an agile and dynamic way

Problem Tackler

How unattractive problems become highly attractive challenges – also available with a small online training on the correct application of the method

Measurement toolsHow to systematically improve your innovation ability and innovation projects

Check-up of the innovation ability

A comprehensive insight into one’s own organisational innovation capability – identifying strengths and weaknesses in a targeted manner


Innovation Performance Radar

Your innovative ability clearly visualized with clarity about development measures

Innovation Project Radar

Die Erfolgschancen und Reifegrade Ihrer Innovationsprojekte messen und die erfolgssteigernden Handlungsfelder erkennen

Overview toolsHow to navigate through the big innovation world with digital and analogue tools

Digital Template Sets

Designing virtual workshops successfully
25 templates for your collaboration tool Mural, Miro or Conceptboard

Info Frescos

Hand drawn innovation knowledge of Benno van Aerssen on 2,25 x 1,1 m

verrocchio Free Tools

All free tools in one place – – for you to download