Info frescoes are hand-drawn, large-format infographics. A fresco automatically creates understanding, structures and makes a subject area tangible. For everyone. That is what makes them so special. We use info frescoes in consultations and workshops to give participants a quick and efficient overview of topics and projects.

Basic info about the frescoes

For whom?

Basically, our info frescos are for all people who want to visually, quickly acquire an overview of one of the topics of our frescos.

They can be used as an introduction in a workshop as well as an eye-catcher in a company. They ensure a holistic understanding of a topic and its individual components, promote a common knowledge and uniform definitions, and make spaces for thought work more creative.

The info-fresks provide answers to the questions:


important innovation terms and know-how bites to discover


Infographics for every innovation situation


Design-thinking aspects for many aha-moments

4 out of 5

success factors and obstacles on the way to innovation success visually displayed

Basic info about the frescoes

Shows the important vocabulary to realize sustainable innovations in companies. With over 200 terms, the info fresco gives organizations an overview of how they can combine innovation and business success with sustainability.

Not only provides an overview of all known and relevant sub-topics relating to the term “innovation”, but also shows how these are connected with over 250 important technical terms and know-how morsels.

Visualizes the innovation method Design Thinking from its origin until today. In well over 200 aspects, it vividly depicts Design Thinking and viewers quickly gain an overview of the method.

Contains 200 units of information and thus summarizes all the success factors and obstacles known today on the path to innovation success. In doing so, it uses the great discoverers of our time as a metaphor and particularly highlights their success factors in the great discoveries.

Info frescoes Order

The info frescoes can be purchased as signed 1:1 art repro prints in our store. The repro prints have the format 2.25m x 1.1m and are printed on 230g/sqm litho special paper (matt, warm white). The original works are created with ink, pastel pencils and pastel crayons. All contents and texts are in English.

The cost of a fresco is 420,- EUR incl. shipping + plus VAT.

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