Innovation Performance Radar

The Innovation Performance Radar is our tool to help you efficiently and visually measure the current innovation capability of your teams, departments or your entire organization. In addition, the tool helps to accompany the performance of an organization on the way to a perpetual transformation capability and to always get clarity about the current state of development.

Basic information about the tool

For whom?

This is a tool for managing directors, innovation managers and management consultants to systematically measure the current innovation performance of the organisation, the business unit or even the team.

The radar works equally well for SMEs, small and medium-sized businesses and in corporations.


  • Do you want to know the innovative ability of your organisation/team in order to reliably derive the development measures that lead to the desired results?
  • Do you want to reflect the innovative ability with your team for more successful conclusions and intrinsic motivation for renewal?
  • Do you want to have quick and precise discussions with the management about innovation capability?
  • You want to ensure that your “knowledge”, your “tools”, your “resources” and your “experience” are in an effective relationship to each other?
  • Do you want to find out in a short time how to increase your innovative ability in a target-oriented way
  • You want to be able to visually and clearly track your innovation capability development
  • You want to compare your innovative strengths and weaknesses with those of your competitors in order to strengthen your innovation strategy
50 %

Faster reaction times through this situation analysis

18 KPIs

to present the innovation performance quickly, precisely and comparably

50 %

visual clarity to increase motivation to address identified weaknesses


Measurement cluster for a clear and focused measurement

More info about the tool


The Innovation Performance Radar offers …

  • 10-year experience base of several hundred innovation and innovation culture projects.
  • Measuring innovation capability 360 degrees
  • sound and helpful measurement structure across 18 sub-areas.
  • simple and clear working environment on 1 m x 1,4 m.
  • a strong visual result
  • great clarity for strategic derivations and target-oriented measures.
  • efficient and meaningful measurement accuracy.
  • easy and quick comparative measurement that can be carried out at any time.

Our Innovation Performance Radar provides answers to the questions:

Order the tool

You want to use the Innovation Performance Radar yourself?
Order 10 posters for the measurement in our verrocchio store.

The package with 10 posters costs 49,- EUR plus VAT + shipping.

The verrocchio radar day

You have purchased our Innovation Performance Radar, but don’t know how to use it in a target-oriented and efficient way? Would you like a neutral authority to reflect on your previous measurements with you? Our verrocchio radar day is suitable for this. The day can be booked individually with us and helps to work together with those responsible for innovation in the company on a complete measurement or values of previously taken measurements. At the end of the verrocchio radar day, a visual clarity about the current state of the innovation or renewal capability of the team, the department or the entire organization is created. Based on the clarity created, the key action corridors are also derived on this day to measurably increase your innovation or renewal capability.

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