Sustainable Inspiration Cards

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The Sustainable Inspiration Cards help you find new inspiration for more sustainability in every brainstorming session. Categorized according to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, each card is a new, sustainable angle for idea generation.

Thus, the Cards help you to find more exciting ideas that pay off on sustainability, and thus to think about ideas in a more ecological and social way.

The cards can be used directly in workshops as external inspiration for idea generation, or to help shape an idea in a sustainable way.

All cards have been designed by Malvine Klecha, Hila Attaie and Jennifer van Aerssen (illustration).

For whom?

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are the guard rails for sustainable innovation work. They make the abstract topic of “sustainability” tangible and help to find the topic areas for one’s own company.

They are pillars and corridors of thought for both the sustainable transformation of the company and the development of new products, services and business models.

The Sustainable Inspiration Card Set is thus suitable for innovation coaches, design thinkers, team leaders or project managers who want to bring groups into an exciting, inspiring and sustainable idea generation.


The Sustainable Inspiration Cards answer the following questions:

Our expertise

Malvine Klecha and Christian Buchholz are the people to contact for Sustainable Innovation at verrocchio and support verrocchio customers individually in their challenges for more sustainable innovations.

In the course of their work, the Sustainable Inspiration Cards were created based on the verrocchio Business Inspiration Cards in order to provide more inspiration for sustainable idea generation with the group.

What's in it?

130 Sustainable Inspiration Cards – 2 languages English and German

You will receive two formats in one order package:

  • Format 1:
    We will send the 130-page DIN A5 card set in workshop packaging by post to your delivery address following the order.

  • Format 2:
    You can also download the card set digitally in 16:9 format as PDF and JEPG directly after ordering – and get started right away. On collaboration boards, as wallpapers, in PowerPoint, in Keynotes, in Zoom as virtual backgrounds …

Download our Sustainable Inspiration Card sample set for free

Check it out and download 10 of our 130 Sustainable Inspiration Cards as PDFs.


None – Anyone can use the Sustainable Inspiration Cards AdHoc, working individually or in groups.

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After ordering, we will send the cards on their way to you, while you can already get started immediately with the digital set.

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