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Our story is different

The verrocchio framework is based on 500 years of knowledge about the mindset of innovators and latest agile expertise.

We at verrocchioThe people and history behind the verrocchio Institute

The verrocchio AG

Our history – from the founding, to our milestones, to the conversion into a public limited company (AG)

verrocchio founder

Here you can learn all about the founders of the verrocchio Institute – Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz.

verrocchio Team

Get to know our team and get in touch with us.

verrocchio Fellows

Learn all about the personalities who make a unique contribution to the work of the institute.

Our verrocchio DNAWhat defines the verrocchio Institute

verrocchio Mission

Take a look at our mission and convictions

verrocchio Principles

Learn about the principles on which our work is based

Learn more about our working formats and what collaboration can look like

verrocchio Coaching Methodology

A state of the art coaching methodology inspired by Andrea del Verrocchio

Our resourcesWhat we draw from - a wealth of experience and special places

verrocchio References

Get to know friends, partners and buddies of our innovation journey.

verrocchio Rooms

Our “verrocchio rooms” near Florence have a very special meaning for our customers and participants.

verrocchio - our year 2020

A review of the special verrocchio year 2020

Corporate Design

Our most important design elements – this is how we create our external appearance

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Here you will find our contact page. We are looking forward to your message.