The verrocchio AG

The verrocchio Institute is at the heart of our collaboration, bringing together our expertise, creativity and passion for innovation, transformation, leadership and inspiration. Understand how our work with AG shareholders feeds into our mission and what our long-term goals are with the company.

Our history

How it all started

The idea and collaboration between Christian Buchholz and Benno van Aerssen began in 2009 with various joint projects.

The collaboration was characterized by a unique mutual inspiration and creativity, which is still noticeable today in all products, books, workshops, trainings, tools and methods and led to the official founding of the verrocchio Institute GmbH in 2016.

In our history, we are particularly proud of the following milestones:

verrocchio milestones

The decision

From the beginning until today, we have constantly kept our mission in mind: Collecting innovation knowledge, developing methods and tools, and empowering people to be more imaginative and innovative.

Exactly this mission led to the next strategic step in our history as verrocchio Institute: The further development of “verrocchio Institute for Innovation Competence GmbH” to “verrocchio Institute for Innovation Competence AG”.

The advantages of the AG


The transition to a shareholding company has helped us to ….

become a verrocchio holder

Our company has registered shares with restricted transferability and is not traded on the stock exchange. These shares are divided into ordinary shares and preference shares.

In principle, any individual or organisation can become a verrocchio shareholder. However, as a company, our aim is not to gather a large, anonymous mass of shareholders, but to establish a personal relationship with the owners.

The decisive criterion as to whether someone comes into question as a shareholder is whether the person or organisation fits in with the verrocchio values and a common vision is shared.

This is certainly different from other joint-stock companies, but it underlines our strategy, which is to continue to be characterised by the development of impact through community, diversity and a wealth of ideas. Both sides should be inspired by an intensive exchange to further develop and reshape themselves and the issues of our time.

Our Annual Shareholders’ Summit

In addition to the statutory Annual General Meeting, we also organise the verrocchio Shareholders’ Summit once a year.

This voluntary event for our owners pursues the following goals: