Digital Template Sets

Successfully designing virtual workshops


With the Digital Template Set from the verrocchio Institute you can easily work with the methods in virtual workshops. The selected innovation methods have been specially adapted to the challenges of a virtual setting so that you can also digitally exploit the entire innovation potential of a group

For whom?

In an increasingly globalised world with location-independent teams, digital solutions are becoming increasingly important. Even workshops are no longer held as face-to-face events only. Participants from all over the world can join in from the comfort of their home or workplace. This not only saves them travel time and costs, but also a lot of nerves for the long journey.

For you as an innovation coach, design thinker, team leader or project manager, it is important to meet these new challenges with suitable tools.

Verrocchio summarises this new role in the term Remote Facilitator. A Remote Facilitator is the “moderator from a distance”, equipped with the knowledge and tools to make virtual workshops and projects successful.


The verrocchio Digital Template Set answers the following questions:

Our expertise

The verrocchio Institute has been active in the international project environment for years. Through customer projects in more than 15 countries it offers a great wealth of experience in the field of virtual collaboration and remote facilitation.

During this time, so-called collaboration workspaces have proven themselves in many cases. Experience has shown that such platforms enable a group to successfully produce and develop ideas digitally

What's in there?

Miro, Mural and Conceptboard are all digital collaboration workspaces.

They use huge screens in the form of online whiteboards for visual work. Together and in real time the boards are filled with ideas and graphics. Everyone can easily and intuitively add content such as post-its, shapes, images, videos or links. They also offer a variety of additional functions such as voting session or time boxing, which simplify remote moderation.

  • You can get an impression of Miro here
  • You can get an impression of Mural here
  • You can get an impression of Conceptboard here

For Mural and Conceptboard there is a matching verrocchio Digital Template Set.

It consists of the following 26 templates:
Project Board, Team Onboarding, Idea Story, Idea Cluster, Assumption Killer, Preliminary Idea Gallery, 6 Thinking Hats, Enriched Ideas, Headstand Technique, Irritating Picture Technique, Business Model, Canvas, Brainwriting Pool, Instant Idea Help, Analogy Technique, Osborne Checklist, Inspiration Forest, SCAMPER, Value Map, Customer Map, Empathy Phase, CATWOE, Job and Challenge Tree, Trend Radar, Problem Tackler, Values Radar, Innovationdigging


To use the verrocchio Digital Template Set you need your own workspace, either at Mural or at Conceptboard.



The Starter License can be purchased directly from the provider for 12 USD / month / user (Mural price overview). For testing you can set up a free account for 30 days in advance.

Note: The verrocchio Institute as Mural Consultant Partner offers its clients an attractive discount on the Mural Plus Account. Please ask us!



You can purchase the starter licence directly from the provider for $6.00 / month / user (Conceptboard price overview). For testing purposes you can book each offer package 30 days free of charge.


The verrocchio Digital Template Set costs 500 EUR plus VAT.  The price includes 26 templates, the complete transfer to your miro-, mural- or conceptboard workspace and a 30-minute video call for introduction.