Manual Thinking

The tool for creative teamwork


Manual Thinking is a brand new tool for creative teamwork. It addresses and structures different forms of creativity, discovery, prioritisation and organisation in group dynamic processes.

For whom?

The tool promotes active and democratic teamwork and involves all participants in the common work process. Especially quiet and introverted employees are effectively integrated.


Manual Thinking provides answers to the questions:

Our recommendation

The verrocchio Institute has included Manual Thinking as an integral part of the training to become an innovation coach. In addition, the Institute offers individual consultations, workshops and its own sticker sets on Manual Thinking for its customers. Please ask here for a possible workshop format with Manual Thinking:

Book tip

The book contains a step-by-step guide to the various uses of Manual Thinking. A large, foldable map and different sized, coloured sticky notes, with which the participants can contribute their ideas, is included in the book.

What is in it?

The tool consists of foldable large-format maps (100 x 70 cm) and multiple removable stickers in different shapes, colours and sizes. The removable stickers lower the starting inhibition threshold extremely and invite users to write down and draw their ideas and contributions quickly, briefly and effectively. The evolutionary process of the cards from the first draft to the final version, made possible by the removable stickers, is unique and fascinates all teams.

The cards created with Manual Thinking speak a clear, understandable and very descriptive language. The cards, which can also be archived optimally, quickly unfold a great effect in every innovation project.

Our expertise

The two innovative designers Luki Huber and Gerrit Jan Veldman from Barcelona have been developing excellent products for their international customers from industry and business for many years. As it were, they have created the visual creative tool “Manual Thinking” as a sideline, which has also been causing a furore in Germany since 2016.

The verrocchio Institute was one of the first companies to rely on the “Manual Thinking” tool. Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz as well as Luki Huber and Gerrit Jan Veldman attach great importance to visual tools in innovation work and exchange ideas on a regular basis. In January 2017 both teams decide on a strategic cooperation in which the verrocchio Institute operates as a “Competence Partner” for Manual Thinking. Manual Thinking thus also became part of the training as an innovation coach.

More about Manual Thinking and the possible applications can be found here.


Contact us for a possible workshop format with Manual Thinking: