The best ideas are already in your organization

Our innovation coaching formats activate our clients’ existing resources. With new knowledge and a clear mindset the ability to innovate rises from within.

verrocchio coachingThe verrocchio team

With our coaches Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, we enable you to do the innovation work independently and professionally.

The innovation coaching sessions take place in internal formats at your premises. You can find our established coaching formats below.

Innovation kickOur formats to bring innovation knowledge into your organisation

Management Helicopter

A professional overview of the relevant topics of innovation for management


Innovation Kickstarter (inhouse)

The concentrated innovation knowledge comes to you, for better decisions

Signature Project Facilitation

How to successfully implement “Signature Innovation Projects

Innovation Sprint

Quickly find new ideas, digitally collect, evaluate and implement them in a focused manner

Shaping the innovation processOur formats to significantly increase innovation successes

Flex-Support 1:1

Quick, personal help on all innovation issues from our verrocchio Innovation Coaches

Future / Vision Workshop

Develop your vision using trends and values

Innovation Performance Day

Measure the innovation capability of your team and organization

Innovation Project Day

Analyse the likelihood of success of your innovation projects

Work format check

You configure your workshop work format and we test it for feasibility – for free

Experience innovationInnovation coaching with intensive learning experiences

Innovation Work Retreat

A practical workshop in the footsteps of the greatest innovators of our time

Gamification Training

Learn to inspire and motivate people with deep learning experiences


Top-level sports know-how for consistently strong performance in innovation work

For projects and topics that require total focus and passion

Format Incubator Workshop

Find the right training format – with 100% guarantee

Innovation Career CoachingDeveloping your personal innovation career

Career Talk

Personal feedback, assessment and advice on your innovation career

Mentoring Leadership
"4 Growth"

1 year with Benno van Aerssen for more visionary clarity and power

The collaborationDifferent scenarios of collaboration

The verrocchio Innovation Journey offers comprehensive help through the combination of Innovation Coaching and Innovation Consulting in order to make cultural change possible in addition to concrete project successes. With the verrocchio team we can provide you with both enablers (Innovation Coaches) and contributors (Innovation Consultants). We always support you in both roles with clear language, our experience and our methodological knowledge.

In addition, further building blocks from our verrocchio Tools & Know-How and Training Campus can be added for more innovation success.

Choose exactly the support you need.

Spot Consulting:
Consulting on a clearly defined, specific work package of your innovation project

Accompanying Consulting:
Comprehensive consulting and collaboration in all work packages of your innovation project, over a longer period of time

Impulse Coaching:
AdHoc coaching of your team on a specific project situation or challenge

Coaching formats:
Choose the right coaching format for you from our established coaching formats above