The best ideas are already in your organization

The goal of our coaching formats is to activate our clients’ own resources so that they can become innovative themselves as quickly as possible with new knowledge and attitudes.

Work format check

You configure your workshop work format and we check its feasibility free of charge – For free 🙂

Format Incubator Workshop

Find the appropriate training format – with 100% guarantee

Gamification Training

Learn to inspire and motivate people with deep learning experiences

Innovation Kickstarter (inhouse)

The concentrated innovation knowledge comes to you, for better decisions

Innovation Performance Day

Measure the innovation capability of your team and organization

Innovation Project Radar Day

Analyse the likelihood of success of your innovation projects

Innovation Sprint

Quickly find new ideas, digitally collect, evaluate and implement them in a focused manner

Microsoft Innovation Workshop

How to efficiently invent new products and services as a Microsoft Partner


For consistently strong performance in innovation work

Signature Project Facilitation

How to successfully implement “Signature Innovation Projects

Personal Impact Performance

1 year with Benno van Aerssen for more visionary clarity and power

verrocchio offshore

For projects and topics that require total focus and passion

Flex-Support 1:1

Fast, personal help on all innovation issues